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Redbowl Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is leading China Special refrigerator Manufacturers and Special refrigerator factory. We OEM Commercial Special refrigerator and ODM orders, 90% of factory output are exported to South East Asia, South Africa, Algeria, Middle East and so on. Major products include upright refrigerators, upright showcases, counter table refrigerators, glass door counter table refrigerators, blast freezers, bar refrigerators, GN pan refrigerators, salad counter chiller, evaporators and condensers. 220~240V/50~60Hz and 100~110V/50~60Hz are both available. 30 years of working experience and professional knowledge. Have passed CE-LVD certificate, CE-EMC certificate, IEC test.

2 door wall-mounted refrigerator

Industry Knowledge Extension

Special refrigerators are equipped with a range of advanced features and technologies that enable them to meet specific cooling requirements and provide optimal preservation for various products. These specialized features enhance the functionality, efficiency, and convenience of special refrigerators.
The key features and technologies commonly found in special refrigerators.
Precise Temperature Control: Special refrigerators often incorporate advanced temperature control systems that allow precise adjustment and maintenance of desired temperature ranges. This is particularly crucial for applications such as pharmaceutical storage, laboratory samples, and vaccine preservation, where temperature accuracy is vital for product integrity.
Multi-Zone Cooling: Some special refrigerators offer multi-zone cooling capabilities, allowing different sections of the refrigerator to be set at different temperatures. This feature is beneficial when storing various products with specific temperature requirements within the same unit. It enables customization and optimization of cooling conditions for different types of items.
Humidity Regulation: Certain special refrigerators include humidity regulation features, allowing control of the internal humidity levels. This is essential for applications involving delicate items that require precise humidity conditions for preservation, such as certain laboratory samples or specialized food products.
Adjustable Shelving and Compartments: Flexibility in storage space is provided by adjustable shelving and compartments in special refrigerators. These allow customization of the interior layout to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes. The ability to reconfigure the storage space enables efficient utilization of the available area and ensures optimal organization.
Temperature Recovery and Stability: Special refrigerators may feature rapid temperature recovery mechanisms to minimize temperature fluctuations when the door is opened. This ensures that the internal temperature is quickly restored to the desired level, maintaining optimal storage conditions. Stability in temperature control is crucial for applications where product integrity and safety are paramount.
Frost-Free Technology: Frost build-up can affect cooling efficiency and increase maintenance needs.Special Refrigerator Manufacturers say many specialty refrigerators feature no-frost technology, which prevents ice from building up and eliminates the need for manual defrosting. This feature ensures consistent cooling performance and reduces the risk of damage to stored products.
Noise Reduction: Special refrigerators often employ noise reduction technologies to minimize operational noise. This is particularly important in environments where quiet operation is required, such as laboratories or healthcare facilities. Low-noise operation ensures a conducive working environment without compromising cooling performance.