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Redbowl Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is leading China four half door blast freezer UA blast freezer Manufacturers and four half door blast freezer UA blast freezer Factory. We OEM Commercial four half door blast freezer and ODM orders, 90% of factory output are exported to South East Asia, South Africa, Algeria, Middle East and so on. Major products include upright refrigerators, upright showcases, counter table refrigerators, glass door counter table refrigerators, blast freezers, bar refrigerators, GN pan refrigerators, salad counter chiller, evaporators and condensers. 220~240V/50~60Hz and 100~110V/50~60Hz are both available. 30 years of working experience and professional knowledge. Have passed CE-LVD certificate, CE-EMC certificate, IEC test.

4 door air cooled stainless steel blast freezer

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Features of Four Half Door Blast Freezer UA Blast Freezer
Four Compartments: The Four Half Door Blast Freezer UA Blast Freezer is divided into four separate compartments, likely with individual doors for each section. This design allows for independent freezing and storage of various items, preventing cross-contamination and offering flexibility in organizing the freezer space.
Insulation and Efficiency: Four Half Door Blast Freezer UA Blast Freezer are typically well-insulated to maintain stable and low temperatures. Efficient insulation helps reduce energy consumption and maintains consistent cooling throughout the compartments.
Construction and Durability: Four Half Door Blast Freezer UA Blast Freezer are commonly constructed using stainless steel, which provides durability, easy cleaning, and resistance to corrosion – important features for busy food service environments.
Capacity:The capacity of the "Four Half Door Blast Freezer UA Blast Freezer" would depend on the dimensions and design of each compartment. The overall capacity will be a sum of the individual compartment capacities.
Performance:The performance of the blast freezer would be determined by various factors, including its cooling capacity, freezing time, temperature range, energy efficiency, and the ability to maintain stable and uniform temperatures throughout all four compartments.
Application: A four-compartment blast freezer is suitable for businesses that require the freezing of multiple types of food products simultaneously or need to segregate various batches for storage.