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Redbowl Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is leading China Commercial one glass door RG series Refrigerator Manufacturers and Home one glass door RG series fridge factory . We OEM Commercial one glass door Refrigerator and ODM orders, 90% of factory output are exported to South East Asia, South Africa, Algeria, Middle East and so on. Major products include upright refrigerators, upright showcases, counter table refrigerators, glass door counter table refrigerators, blast freezers, bar refrigerators, GN pan refrigerators, salad counter chiller, evaporators and condensers. 220~240V/50~60Hz and 100~110V/50~60Hz are both available. 30 years of working experience and professional knowledge. Have passed CE-LVD certificate, CE-EMC certificate, IEC test.

1 door colorbond glass door display chiller

Industry Knowledge Extension

Applications of the One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator in the Foodservice Industry
The One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator is a versatile refrigeration unit that finds applications in various sectors of the foodservice industry. Its features and benefits make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to store and display perishable items effectively. 
Bakeries and Pastry Shops: In bakeries and pastry shops, the One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator is ideal for displaying freshly baked goods, such as cakes, pastries, and desserts. The glass door provides an appealing view of the tempting treats, attracting customers and encouraging impulse purchases.
Specialty Food Stores: Specialty food stores, such as gourmet shops, cheese shops, or wine stores, often utilize the One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator to display specialty products. This includes artisan cheeses, fine wines, specialty beverages, or unique food items that require temperature-controlled storage and an attractive presentation.
Salad and Deli Bars: Many establishments with salad or deli bars, such as salad restaurants or grocery store delis, utilize the One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator to store and showcase a variety of fresh salad ingredients, toppings, dressings, and ready-to-eat deli items. The glass door allows customers to see the available choices and customize their orders.
Juice Bars and Smoothie Shops: In juice bars and smoothie shops, the One Glass Door RG Series Refrigerator is commonly used to store and display freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and other refrigerated beverage options. The glass door enhances the visual appeal of the vibrant beverages, enticing customers to make healthy choices.