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Redbowl Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is leading China Commercial RL/RS series upright stainless steel refrigerator Manufacturing Company and Home RL/RS series upright stainless steel refrigerator exporter. We OEM Commercial RL/RS series upright stainless steel refrigerator and ODM orders, 90% of factory output are exported to South East Asia, South Africa, Algeria, Middle East and so on. Major products include upright refrigerators, upright showcases, counter table refrigerators, glass door counter table refrigerators, blast freezers, bar refrigerators, GN pan refrigerators, salad counter chiller, evaporators and condensers. 220~240V/50~60Hz and 100~110V/50~60Hz are both available. 30 years of working experience and professional knowledge. Have passed CE-LVD certificate, CE-EMC certificate, IEC test.

6 door stainless steel upright half door chiller

Industry Knowledge Extension

The Importance of Using RL/RS Series Upright Stainless Steel Refrigerators in a Commercial Environment
Food safety is of paramount importance in commercial environments such as restaurants, cafeterias, and food service establishments. Maintaining safe storage conditions is crucial to prevent foodborne illnesses, ensure product quality, and comply with health and safety regulations. RL/RS Series upright stainless steel refrigerators are designed to meet the highest standards of food safety, providing an essential foundation for any commercial kitchen.
Hygienic Design Features of RL/RS Series Upright Stainless Steel Refrigerators
The RL/RS Series is equipped with hygienic design features that promote food safety. The stainless steel construction not only offers durability but also makes cleaning and sanitizing easier, preventing the growth of bacteria and contamination. Smooth surfaces, rounded corners, and removable gaskets further facilitate thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring optimal hygiene.
Accurate temperature control is crucial for maintaining food safety. The RL/RS Series upright refrigerators feature advanced temperature control systems that provide precise and consistent temperature management. This ensures that perishable foods are stored at the proper temperatures, inhibiting bacterial growth and extending the shelf life of products. Additionally, the refrigerators' uniform cooling capabilities guarantee that all items inside are kept at the desired temperature, eliminating potential hot spots or temperature fluctuations.
the RL/RS Series Upright Stainless Steel refrigerators offer excellent food safety features, proper storage practices are essential for maintaining optimal conditions. This includes organizing food items to prevent cross-contamination, storing raw and cooked foods separately, and adhering to proper labeling and rotation practices. Regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of the refrigerator are also crucial to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses.